Monday, 2 December 2013

google advertising alternatives

google advertising alternatives

Google AdSense is renown of its amazing features and benefits that make it an outstanding advertising program, probably the best in the internet today. However, this program has numerous limitations, with the main set back being its current trend of closing accounts without any major explanation.

This trend has been common even to the best earning sites in under the google AdSense program. With such scenario, it would be logical and wise not to throw all your resources under Google advertising programs. As a result, numerous google advertising alternatives have been established in the market with being rated high amongst its competitors.

There are numerous reasons as to why advertisers should consider this site for their adverts as stated below.

·Unlike google advertisement programs, they offer opportunities to those registering for the first time. Of late it has been close to impossible to secure an account with google advertising network. It has been hectic for those new in the business causing a lot of discrimination in giving its service.

At, they offer first priority to all those starting new business or creating their website for the first time. A client will be handled with the highest degree of professionalism as an esteemed client.

· Even after registering successfully with the google advertisement programs, it still will be complex maintaining your account. This program is too kind to its clients. This means that these AdSense publishers won’t deliver loyal customers to you as an advertiser.

At, an advertiser is served with the appropriate flow of traffic, with success being counted when a visitor turns out to becoming a customer.
Within a short time, you will have an active account.

· doesn’t close accounts of its clients like its common with Google AdSense accounts. You will enjoy security of your accounts. You don’t have to worry about waking up and finding something you have built with your resources and time banned without even a notice. is the right place for you as an advertiser. You will enjoy abundant peace of mind and hope of the future. · Unlike Google advertising, considers ones reputation and traffic of your blog  before doing making any decision.

If a google advertising program feels that a publisher is not providing valid traffic or lesser decent traffic, it might decide to inactivate such account. Apart from google Ads, you can use this site to generate extra income.

· doesn’t take much of you space for showing ads on your website. The site comes with other numerous options to help you generate more income.

 · Publishers enjoy bigger share of profits. offers up to 70 % of its profits to be shared with the publishers. With such a lucrative offer, you don’t have to search of other sites to carry out your advertisements.

· The site ensures that all the traffic is filtered to do away with invalid clicks. Measures to curb irregularities such as fake traffic and fraud are always in place. For example, the site uses IP geo location to sense ones location and also use of contextual checking to ensures total security
More details can be found at pay per click

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